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Pantomime, Culture & Ideology



School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies

TH216 - Aspects of Theatre and Performance: Pantomine, Culture and Ideology

Tutor: Professor Jim Davis

Spring Term 2012

Wednesday 9.30-11.30

Room: Millburn Studio - G53



Course work 50%

Examination 50%


Module Description:

This module option will commence with a discussion of pantomime today (every student on the option will be expected to have visited a Christmas pantomime and report on it in the first seminar) and we will try to organise a visit to a local pantomime in the first week of session. We will then look at the origins of the British pantomime tradition in the commedia del arte, the development of English pantomime in the eighteenth century, Regency pantomime (when the clown, Grimaldi, became prominent), and Victorian pantomime, when the modern form we know today began to emerge from music hall, melodrama and burlesque. Finally, we will return to the twentieth-twenty-first centuries. A particular emphasis of this option will be on pantomime’s social, cultural and ideological functions and on its treatment of issues such as race, gender and class. It is hoped to include at least one workshop run by a pantomime practitioner.