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Assessment Criteria/Titles

The first assessment task for the Renaissance Festivals module consists of two short Portfolio pieces of 500 words each.

Together these are worth 15%.

The deadline for the first peice is 17 January 2013 (Thursday of week 2). This piece should be submitted by e-mail to

It will be returned to you with comments.

Both pieces should be submitted buy 31 January 2013 via e-submission.

Your task for the first Portfolio piece is to access one of the electronic resources recommended on the Reading List page of this module site.

Explain the content of the resource and use it to describe and evaluate one festival occasion.

For your second Portfolio piece EITHER chose a second electronic or print resource and describe and avaluate it as in the first portfolio piece

OR use an electronic resource to comment on one Festival Book.

The essay for this module is due for submission by 7 March 2013 (Thursday of week 9).

The essay should be 2,000 words in length (or its equivalent) and is worth 35% of the module assessment.

Choose one Festival Book , or an extract from a Festival Book. Write an introductory essay to help a reader to understand thesignificance of your chosen book and then provide annotations/commentary on some points raised within that book/extract (for example on aspects of the detailed content, illustrations, participants in the festival described, the staging of the festival event including its setting and/or music and/or costume). You may choose an appropriate presentation for your work (particularly for the annotations/commentary section.