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Module Code: TH210
Module Name: Marketing
Module Credits: 30

This module will provide an overview of the theory and practice of strategic marketing and audience development for the arts, with a special emphasis on practical application. Over the course of the module we will look at general marketing theory, the use of market intelligence and data and the special challenges of marketing creative products. There will be an emphasis on exploring the concept of audience development as it is understood in the arts. We will also look at different organisational approaches to being audience focused, and associated implications for programming, resource management, internal communications and business planning. Other specific areas to be covered will include creating marketing materials, using social media, budgeting and evaluating marketing activity.

The taught section of the module breaks into 3 main sections:

an overview of the application of marketing techniques in the arts and evidence-led marketingexploration of marketing as a strategic management toolpractical application of marketing tools in practice.

Through the course we will also look at associated areas such as how the arts are funded and how that affects audience engagement, the role of marketing and marketers in organisations and basic consultancy skills. In each session we will consider how the topics under discussion work in practice, with a particular emphasis on preparing for the placement project that forms the basis for the final written assessment. To bring the subject to life we will be using live case-studies, industry resources and presentations from industry professionals.

After the taught portion of the course, students will be required to work on a marketing or audience development project within an arts organisation. A written assignment of the project will comprise 50% of the overall mark.

Through the course, students will be expected to develop a full understanding of the following:
1) the concepts of marketing and audience development and their application in arts organisations
2) practical tools of theatre marketing and the processes of strategic development, tactical planning and evaluation
3) the nature of arts audiences in the subsidised and commercial theatre sectors, and techniques for gathering and using information on consumer behaviour, economic trends and the funded environment
4) the relationships between the needs of the market and artistic provision, within the framework of an arts organisation.

Class Location and Time (Terms 1 & 2 + project in Term 3)

WEDNESDAY 1100-1300 G55

Department Timetables


25% - Essay (2500 words) [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]
25% - Assessed Seminar Presentation
50% - Essay (5000 words) [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]

Full Assessment Criteria
Departmental Assessment Deadlines