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Nineteenth-century Melodrama in Context

Module Code: TH228
Module Name: Nineteenth-century Melodrama in Context
Module Credits: 15

Melodrama was one of the most popular forms of entertainment ever. Once dismissed as a meaningless example of mass culture, it has increasingly attracted critical attention in recent years. This course explores the genre, paying attention to the diversity of nineteenth-century melodrama, its changing role in society and its theatrical realization. Commencing with Gothic melodramas such as Frankenstein the module will also consider melodrama as a form of social protest, its representation of women, its increasing obsession with spectacle and its gradual absorption into film and television..

Class Location and Time (Term 2)

TUESDAY 11.30-1.30 G57

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20% - Assessed Seminar Presentation [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]
20% - Written Portfolio [LINK FOR ESUBMISSION]

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