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Critical Review

AVAG Critical Review Criteria


In both the Autumn and Spring terms you will work on a group project that you will choose from amongst a number of available options. The goal of these projects is not to produce a new and original artwork, but rather to interrogate a number of potential subjects, including: the practice of a particular artist or artists, the formal characteristics of an artwork, the audience’s experience of a work, the theory underlying a movement. You should use these projects as an opportunity to conduct research into your subject, experiment with some of its practical aspects, and produce a final output for presentation to the group towards the end of each term.


The Critical Review that you submit at the end of the Spring term should consist of two parts:

  1. Documentation of the working process and final output of each of your two group projects (using any of the following forms: video files, digital photos, notes, sketches, diagrams, bibliographies, images, etc.)
  2. 1500 word written component, consisting of one 750 word personal reflection on each project.


The portfolio is worth 25% of your final mark for this module, the same as a 2500 word essay, so the work you submit at the end of the Spring term should substantially demonstrate your engagement with the two group projects that you have been a part of.

Each student will submit one portfolio, and each critical review will be marked individually. Because you are working in groups, there will of course be some repeated elements across the portfolios, especially in terms of the final output and working process documentation. The 750 word reflection is your opportunity to provide a personal account of the aims, experience and outcome of each project.