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Assessment Criteria / Titles

15% Assessed Seminar Presentation

35% Essay (2000 words) - ESUB2015

50% 1.5 hr exam

Attendance and Participation

Your active participation in class is vital. You are expected to have completed all of the required readings for the day and engage in classroom discussions with intelligence, imagination and honesty.


In your presentation, you are expected to summarize the argument of the article, make connections with the larger thematic questions of the course, and conclude by raising questions for discussion. If you choose a dramatic/literary text, performance, or film, you can present on one or more aspects of the material. Please hand in a brief outline of your presentation to me on the day of your presentation.

Final Research Paper

Write a research paper (2000 words) on a topic of your choice. You are welcome to read outside the course and incorporate this material into your paper. Your paper will be graded on the coherence and organization of your essay, the persuasiveness of your argument, your ability to use evidence to support your claim, the clarity of your prose, and of course, the merit of your ideas and analysis.