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- TASKS (with weightings)

Seminar contributions (15%)

E-Submission to include materials presented in seminar (1 x micro-presentation [2 mins / 200 words or c. 5 images or <c. 5 PowerPoint pages]; 1 x group presentation [10 mins / 1,000 words or c. 20 images or <c. 20 PowerPoint pages]), and 250-word statement contextualising the two elements.

Essay (3,500 words) (35%)

Essay title: ‘Dimensions of the tragic: ** in Y and Z’ [Replace the asterisks with your chosen theme/topic, and Y and Z with your choice of texts.]


Agree a title with the module convener by Week 10.

In either case:

Discuss two tragedies that are relevant to the module. The texts might be by the same author, or from the same period, or they might be from different periods but address similar themes or raise similar questions. They might be the original version of a play along with a subsequent adaptation; or be two separate versions by different writers.

Project-based assessment (50%)

E-Submission to include

- Statement of individual aims and responsibilities (c. 250 words)

- Material evidencing individual work relating to the performance (c. 15 pages or equivalent)

- 500-word/5-minute [video] critical reflection upon personal learning in relation to individual aims and responsibilities

- 300-word/3-minute [video] critical reflection upon the performance in relation to the aims of the module


Seminar contributions: 12.00 midday, Monday 4 December 2017

Essay: 16.00, 9 January 2018

Project-based assessment: 16.00, 26 April 2018


Seminar contributions

Credit will be given for initiative in the process of presenting; clear and orderly presentation of materials; clarity of thinking and articulation in the respective elements; and coherence of the connection or comparison drawn between the different presentations.


Credit will be given for accurate and informative contextualising of the texts; insights into relevant dramatic and discursive strategies; informed discussion of key ideas and contexts; illuminating comparison or paralleling of the texts in question; and the clarity of your analysis.

Project-based assessment

Credit will be given for clear and orderly presentation of materials; clarity concerning aims, decisions, activities and outcomes; evidence of sensitive and useful contribution to group processes; and the precision and scope of critical reflection.


[Link to generic criteria and marking scheme]