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Assessment Criteria/Titles


You will be assessed on your proposal and your finished work. Please fill in the proposal form here

Assessment timeline

Week 2 -Thursday - G52 2pm - 4pm - ALL STUDENTS
Intro to project / Analysis of Run Lola Run and discussion of materials. Initial pitch of proposal
You should come to this session having formulated ideas for your project. We will hear each of the pitches in turn and offer comment and suggestions in advance of your submission of the proposal

Week 3 - Monday 13th October 4pm - deadline for submission of proposals - one per group

Week 3 - Friday - feedback on proposals sent

[classes in weeks 1, 3, 4 and 5 are taught with the class split in 2 - 12.30-2.30, 3-5)

Week 7 - Work on Project

Week 8 - Meetings with groups G51 (time tbc with groups)
Meetings with groups to discuss proposals/feedback - 30 mins each

Week 9 - Work on Project

Week 10 - Presentations (venue tbc)

How long does it have to be?
This always gets asked. Aside from the differing demands of specific modes (eg animation as opposed to documentary) and an awareness that your resources (specifically time and money) are limited you should aspire to produce something engaging that could be 3-10 minutes long rather than a sprawling epic that loses its audience.

What sort of project can I submit?
Last year, Wired had a broader remit and so not all the works were realised on video. The seven that were can be seen here -
Develop something that you find interesting, that pushes you creatively and might be used as part of a portfolio you can make use of beyond Warwick.