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Policy on Use of Studio Space

Department of Theatre Studies Policy Statement on the Use of

Millburn Studios (G52, G53 and G55), Edit Suite, and G56

Due to the extensive use of the studio spaces in Millburn House (G52, G53 and G55), G56 and the Millburn Edit Suite by staff and students for course work during term time as well as the number of requests for bookings of the Millburn House studios by external groups, the Department of Theatre Studies has approved the following policy on the availability of these spaces:

Term time bookings:

During term time (autumn, spring, and summer), the Millburn Studios (G52, G53 and G55), Edit Suite, and G56 will be available ONLY to the following:

  • Theatre Studies and Cultural Policy Studies staff
  • Current single and joint honours degree students
  • Post-graduate students in Theatre Studies

In order to book a space, current students must be preparing for practical projects in the modules offered that academic year or for on-going practice-as-research. The spaces may not be booked for rehearsals for special projects or workshops (unless approved by the Director of Practice) or for productions for Societies. The one exception is late summer term bookings for single and joint honours degree students and post-graduate students in Theatre Studies working on special projects (see Summer Term Booking Exception below). Bookings can be made no more than ONE WEEK in advance.

The studio bookings will proceed as follows in order of priority:

  • Staff bookings for classes and module-based workshops (scheduled in September)
  • Assessed practical project presentations/performance exams bookings (scheduled as much as possible in September)
  • 3rd year practice-based IRO bookings for all spaces for Week 6 in both autumn and spring terms and the week before the start of summer term
  • Student bookings for module-related work and practice-as-research (approved as space is available, one week in advance only)

It is necessary to build as much flexibility as possible into the scheduling system, so advance block bookings (more than two weeks) outside of regularly scheduled class times, even for modules currently running, are discouraged. Module-based block bookings of over eight hours in a one-week period must be approved by the Director of the Practice. Requests must be made in writing giving a rationale for the request and dates, times and space requested.

In exceptional circumstances and subject to the availability of space, the studios can be made available to support career development activity by current Theatre and Performance Students.

Summer Term Booking:

Single and joint honours degree students in Theatre Studies may book the studio spaces for special projects toward the end of summer term once all the practical work relating to the modules offered that academic year (rehearsals, performance exams, presentations, etc.) is completed.

Outside term time bookings:

External groups, university groups and societies, former students, and single and joint honours degree students in Theatre Studies currently enrolled (but working on a project not connected with a Theatre Studies module) may book the studios in Millburn House outside of term time ONLY. Theatre Studies and Cultural Policy Studies staff and current Theatre Studies students will have priority in any bookings outside of term time if a conflict arises. The studios must be booked through the department (Kate Brennan) in advance. Any external group that does not follow the Studio Use Guidelines will have booking privileges revoked.

A deposit of £50 is required for ALL bookings outside of term time. This deposit will be returned within a week of the end of the booking IF the studio space is left clean and undamaged.

External groups will be charged a daily rate for the use of the studios with techincal support as follows:

  • With technical support, £150 for a four-hour session or £300 for an eight-hour session
  • Alumni rate £100 (for one week)

No bookings of the studio spaces are possible the week before the beginning of Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

The link to the Calendar is:

Each room can be viewed individually by clicking the link at the top of the page.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the individual or group using any of these spaces either during term time for class-based projects or out of term time to leave the space clean and tidy. There will be a broom and dustpan available in each space for floors to be swept if necessary. All furniture must be returned to original positions. All equipment MUST be left as it was found, ready for use by the next group and no leads shall be re-routed or removed without prior permission. Leaving the space a mess or the equipment not ready to use can result in loss of booking privileges.

If you have booked a space and no longer need it, be sure to unbook it so that it is available to someone else. Booking and not using can also result in loss of booking privileges.