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IFTR Volunteers

Please fill in the following form to help us assign roles during the conference. This form will close at 4pm on Friday 13th June.

NOTE: The form will now remain open over the weekend to allow for everyone to submit their preferences.
NOTE – Baz Kershaw’s Meadow Meanders: In collaboration with Stan’s Cafe and Warwick Arts Centre, Earthrise Repair Shop are creating puzzle paths and a small labyrinth on Tocil field which a handful of volunteers can have the chance to work with.
If you have selected overseeing Panels/Keynotes please specify which below:
If there is a specific event you would like to volunteer for, please specify which below:
Please indicate if you are trained as a steward at the Warwick Arts Centre:
Please list the times between Friday 25th July and Friday 1st August when you are NOT available, including times when you may have tickets to a show. Please also mention below if you are a participating in the conference itself, and if applicable inform us of when your panel is taking place.
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For any general volunteer enquiries please contact Fiona Joseph at F dot O dot Joseph at warwick dot ac dot uk