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International Network for Early Modern Festival

The International Network for Early Modern Festival Study, co-ordinated by Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez, (University of Edinburgh, UK) is a forum in which scholars researching Early Modern Festivals can discuss issues of mutual interest. 

The International Network aims to connect scholars researching or interested in Early Modern Festivals. The objective is to create a ‘virtual’ space where participants can increase collaboration and dialogue between researchers interested in the same topics. In these terms, senior and younger scholars are welcome to join and participate as well as students.

The Network is an International Research Forum in which participants can raise questions and/ or discuss an issue of interest. This can enhance festivals research given the diverse academic disciplines involved, e.g. architectural and art history, social, political economic and cultural history, cartography, music, languages, literatures and performance studies. This Forum is open to all Network members.

If you are interested in joining please email laura.fernandezgonzalez (@)

The web site of the Recreating Early Modern Festivals Project.