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The network has had an impact not just on practitioners but also on the sector, education and wider public.

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The Mobile App:
  • Over 10,000 sessions on the platform (meaning an instance where a user visited the platform for any period of time)
  • Over 22,000 pages views on the platform
  • 140 registered users on the platform from 21 countries
  • The app facilitated various introductions which has resulted in collaborations on plays/events.
  • AWPN Symposium 2017
Impact from the Symposium:

Tate Exchange: Who do you think we are. JC Niala met Yvette Hutchison through the app and invited her to work on a propopsal for the Tate Exchange program 2017. The conversational performance installation was selected and developed in collaboration with Dr Tim White and performed for the Tate Exchange's week of installations, conversations, and learning labs interrogating ' Who are we?' The performance installation aims to engage and disrupt audience member's internal assumptions about how we attribute identities to people without having met them.