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Warwick Shootout

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INFO FOR PARTICIPANTS (as per email sent 14th November)

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations for University of Warwick, Tim White (Theatre) and Michael Pigott (Film) are reviving the Warwick Shootout. Originally produced by Kay Sanderson, the Warwick Shootout is a film competition in which teams have 24 hours to conceive, shoot and edit a short film (this year 5 minutes max), incorporating a number of elements that are only revealed at the start of the competition. Awards are offered across a range of categories (see below) and each winner will be presented with a Shootout trophy.

How to Enter

Please fill in the ENTRY FORM (including the names of all those in your team - up to 6 - and your team name) and submit this along with the entry fee of £24 by 8pm on Friday 13th November. We have an upper limit of 24 teams (the judges have to be able to watch all the entries!) so this will be determined on a first-come basis. Once we have received your entry we will send you full details of where to assemble and any other information not covered here.

What do I need?

1. A team (of up to 6 people)
2. A camera (which could be a camera phone, camcorder, dslr or even a professional rig)
3. Editing computer and software (see below for some ideas on no/lo-cost software solutions
4. A USB pen drive to export the film for submission (details of the file format required below)

When does it take place?

The competition starts at 10am on Saturday 21st November 2015 in the Foyer of Millburn House on the University of Warwick campus. Entries need to be submitted on USB pen drive by 10am on Sunday 22nd November. Following this, teams can tuck into a well-deserved post-shoot buffet breakfast provided. The Awards Ceremony will take place on Warwick Campus at 3.30pm, during which the winning films will be screened.

What Awards are being presented?*

Best Film
Best Performer
Best Original Soundtrack
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Script
Best Response to Brief
* You will submit a form along with your completed film identifying who is being put forward for each award, excluding Best Performer which is as the judges' discretion, eg two or more people may wish to be nominated as being responsible for editing

What happens to my film after the event?

You retain the right to screen your film elsewhere though permit University of Warwick to screen any or all of the films at the Awards Ceremony and for the organisers to retain a copy of the film. This may be used in an educational context and for publicity purposes though should we wish to screen the film in commercial context we will seek the permission of the designated copyright holder(s) before doing so.

Where can I find editing software?

Both OSX (iMovie) and Windows (Movie Maker) come bundled with video editing software. These are easy to learn and free with the operating system. If you wish to use more sophisticated software (and accept that you will need some time to get to grips with the increased complexity) then a number of professional programs are available either as function-limited or demo versions, such as

Avid Media Composer - 30 day trial (please ensure that your 30 days is covered by the trial!) - Mac & PC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC - 30 day trial (as above) - Mac & PC

BlackMagicDesign DaVinci Resolve 12 Beta (function-limited) - Mac & PC

Lightworks Version 12 (function-limited) - Mac, PC & Unix

You will need to download the software to assess whether you have a sufficiently powerful machine to run the programme as well as determining whether you feel comfortable using it.

Format of finished film?

1080p 25 frames per second. MP4 (encoded in H.264). Stereo sound. Maximum 5 minutes in duration

Any other questions?

Please email Tim White - t dot white at warwick dot ac dot uk - or Michael Pigott - m dot g dot pigott at warwick dot ac dot uk