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Information for Participants

Warwick Shootout 2015

Firstly, many thanks for entering. We have 21 teams competing and this email is being sent to the contact address supplied on your form. The information is also published at [url] - please distribute this to the other members of your team so that they are up to speed.
There is a lot of information contained here, divided by subject headings. If we have missed anything please email myself and Michael ( and so that we can resolve and, where appropriate add this info to the above webpage for the benefit of all.


Map with red round circles indicating Millburn House (arrival) , Library Cafe (breakfast) and Maths building (screening)

As the 24 hour period commences at 10am on Saturday 21st November you should be assembled and ready to go by 9.45. The starting location is the foyer at the side of Millburn House (see enclosed campus map). If you arrive early you will be able to set-up your gear and orient yourself (see below). Millburn House does have a number of parking spaces at the front of the building. On arrival please make yourself known to myself or Michael (we'll endeavour to wear fetching name tags) so that we can check you in. Envelopes with the specific elements to be included in the film will be handed out at 10am.

We have at least one 'To Be Confirmed' on the list of participants and we hope to have a full and complete list of participants at the start of the day so that Security are aware of who is on the premises. Please check in before 10am with the final list of team members.

Teams will have access to studios G53, G55 and G52 for the duration of the 24 hours as well as the foyer of Millburn House (which has toilets and limited vending machine provision). G53 and G55 are black box studios that will be set up to provide a desk, at least a couple of chairs and an electrical socket for each team. In G52 we will set up an HD projector and a laptop for those who want to preview their work prior to submission (this will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis: bear in mind that if all teams want to use this facility in the last hour of the competition then problems may arise!) At least one person from the admin team will be in the area throughout the 24 hour period to address any issues though please be advised that you leave items in the building at your own risk.

Filming Restrictions
1. No imitation (or real) firearms or weapons are to be used in public areas
2. The Library has conveyed the following to us: "we cannot permit filming in the Library and the Library spaces (including the PG Hub, Learning Grids, MRC and main Library building) as we need to ensure an appropriate study environment is maintained for all students. Some of these spaces would not be accessible anyway due to our opening hours, but please could you remind the teams involved that these spaces should not be included in their scripts/plans to avoid disappointment on the day/night".
3. As the competition is open to all, some may have card access to areas of the university not open to others but irrespective of the nature of the space, please be mindful of disturbing others or encroaching on their privacy. Whether on or off campus, if you wish to film in an area that might inconvenience others please seek their permission to film - refusal may be a possibility but equally you may be granted a level of access that otherwise would have been unlikely.
4. Be mindful of trip hazards - leads, tripods etc
5. If you are uncertain please ring Tim on 07764759562 - I will be on this number for the duration of the 24 hours and can advise as required.

We have arranged to provide breakfast at 10.30am on the Sunday in the Library Cafe Bar (see map). We have taken on board the dietary requirements included on the submissions and will relay these to the caterers on Monday morning. If you have not informed us of restrictions then we cannot ensure that these will be met.

Awards Ceremony
This will take place in MS02 (Maths building - see map) at 3.30 and include screening of the winning submissions. The capacity of the room is 370 so please feel free to invite guests. We anticipate that the ceremony will last approx 1 hour.

The Judges
James Cotton is an alumnus of the Warwick Dept. of Film and Television Studies. He graduated in 2008 with a BA in Film and Literature. He has since gone on to work in the film industry, producing the feature Powder Room (2013) and setting up his own production company – Cotton Reel Entertainment. James previously produced a number of successful shorts; working with some of the UK’s top acting talent, including Nicholas Hoult, Imogen Poots, Andy Serkis and Hugh Bonneville. His shorts have featured in festivals around the globe, including Cannes and Palm Springs.

Nick Gray is a director, producer and author who has been making award winning documentaries for more than 40 years. He has worked for the BBC, ITV and the Discovery Channel. Nick has travelled all over the world making documentaries about vital human rights issues. His work has been nominated for Emmy and BAFTA awards, and has been a Visiting Professor in Documentary Production at the University of Lincoln since 2007.

Stefania Marangoni is Senior Editing Lecturer at the London Film School. After graduating in Fine Arts and Critical Studies at Goldsmiths College University of London, Stefania trained as an assistant editor on 16mm and 35mm film and worked on BFI and independent film productions. She started working as an editor in 1997 and since then has edited several short fiction films and documentaries.

Michael Pigott is an Associate Professor of Video Art and Digital Media across the Schools of Film and Television and Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies at the University of Warwick. Michael Pigott's main research interests are in video and projection arts, experimental film and world cinema. He is co-investigator on The Projection Project, an AHRC funded project on cinematic projection. Michael is also a practising artist by the name of Michael Lightborne. His website is

A few helpful hints
1. This differs from previous shootouts in that editing is allowed (rather then being carried out in camera). Though this has many benefits it does mean you need to allow time to ingest, edit and output your work. Complex edits even of videos shorter than 5 minutes can take over 24 hours to render and you can keep rendering time to a minimum by having a workflow that allows you to edit as you go along eg working in sections, being sensible with processing-heavy effects and ensuring you have as powerful a machine to edit on as is possible. If you are able to, try and get a sense of how quickly your edit machine can deal with sample material and plan accordingly.

2. Set aside some time at the start to plan your project (and work through the criteria) and then allocate resources of time, kit and personnel to realise this. Having good communication throughout is vital.

3. Be mindful of the limited daylight hours and plan accordingly.

4. You may wish to develop any team logos and known credits in advance of the Shootout.

If we receive queries from participants arising from the info we'll post them here:
15th Nov: Just wanted to clarify if the entire film needs to be shot on campus or if we can shoot some at home?
You can shoot the film anywhere that you can get to within the time limit - the reason for the criteria handed out at the start is to thwart teams from shooting the entire film beforehand over a longer period than 24 hours but where you go to shoot in the 24 hours is up to you!

17th Nov: I have read the agenda that you have sent me regarding the shootout on saturday. The document does not state what the focus is for the shootout. Is there any focus that you will give to us on the day or is it totally a freestyle thing?
Just to clarify, at 10am teams will be given an envelope containing elements (that may be words, sounds, locations, images) that need to be included in the film. The rationale for this is to require teams to generate the work within the 24 hours rather than turn up with a completed film.

19th Nov: Can I only use individuals within my team as actors. Or can I recruit guest actors/actresses if need be?
. Those in a team are deemed to have agreed to the terms of the competition whereas those who are recruited on the day have not so if they are being featured then you should consider using the release form that we'll post up (so they know that the work may be shown in the scenarios mentioned and giving you permission to use them in the film)

2. If you are recruiting people that become part of the ensemble that then visit various locations around campus then their names should be given to security. Beyond campus then only 1. is pertinent.