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The University of Warwick and the Warburg Institute,

University of London,

in association with the Society for European Festivals Research


Spanish/French Marriage Festivals and Politics, 1612-1615:

Dynastic Marriages and their Social, Political

and Cultural Reverberations


Conference to be held at the Warburg Institute: 18 – 19 March 2011

Organisers: Margaret M. McGowan, Ronnie Mulryne

and Margaret Shewring




Friday, 18 March

10:15 Registration (Doors open at 10.00 am.)

10:30 Session I: Introductions

Ronnie Mulryne (University of Warwick), The Society for European Festivals Research and its current publishing projects

Margaret Shewring (University of Warwick), Waterborne Pageants and Festivities in the Renaissance, an update on the first volume in the new Ashgate Series on Renaissance and Early Modern Festivals

Margaret M. McGowan (University of Sussex), Why the Spanish French Marriage Alliances of 1612-1615? A template for Festivals research.


11:00 Session II: John Elliott (Oriel College, Oxford), ‘The political

context of the 1612-15 Franco-Spanish Treaty’.

(Chair: Margaret M. McGowan)


11:40 Coffee


12:00 Session III:

Monique Chatenet ((Conservateur en chef du patrimoine,

Paris), ‘Art and Architecture: designs for the Carrousel and

Wedding in Paris’.

Patrice Franchet d’Espèrey (Institut français du cheval et de

l’equitation), ‘Antoine Pluvinel and the equestrian


(Chair: Sydney Anglo)


13:00 Lunch (to be organised on an individual basis).

(The Warburg Institute has a list of local cafés and restaurants.)


14:30 Session IV:

Iain Fenlon (King’s College, Cambridge), ‘Music for the

Wedding Celebrations’.

Marie-Claude Canova-Green (Goldsmiths College,

University of London), ‘Ballets in Paris and Festivities in


(Chair: Margaret Shewring)


15:30 Tea


16:00 Session V:

David Sánchez-Cano (Universidad Alfonso X, Madrid),

‘Festivities during Elisabeth of Bourbon's Journey to, and Entry in, Madrid’.

Nicolas le Roux (Université de Lyon, France), 'Un temps de "phrenesie".

Rêves d’union et mécontentement aristocratique (1612-1615)'.

 (Chair: John Elliott)



Presentation of Research by early-career researchers:

Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez (Edinburgh); Melanie Zefferino (Warwick)

17:20 Drinks reception hosted by Ashgate Publishing Ltd.


Saturday, 19 March


Doors open at 10.00 am.


10:15 am Session VI:

Maria Ines Aliverti (Universitá di Pisa, Italy),

‘Celebrations in Naples and other Italian Cities’.

Ronnie Mulryne (University of Warwick), ‘Dynastic

Weddings and the political and religious climate: the

contrasting cases of Frederick V, Elector Palatine and

Ferdinand I de’Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany’.

(Chair: Dr. Pieter Martens, Leuven)


11:15 Coffee


11:30 Session VII:

Paulette Choné (Université de Nancy, France), ‘Firework

Displays in Paris, London and Heidelberg’.

Chantal Grell (Université de Versailles, Saint Quentin,

France), ‘Le marriage espagnol au tribunal de l’histoire de


(Chair: Iain Fenlon)


12:30 Session VIII: Panel on Library and Digital Resources

Kristian Jensen (British Library), Jill Kraye (Warburg

Institute), Robert O’Toole (University of Warwick),

François Quiviger (Warburg Institute).

(Chair: Ronnie Mulryne)

13:20 Presentation of Research by early-career researcher: Barbara Grammeniati (King's College, London)

13:30 Buffet Lunch for all Conference Participants and Members.