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How do I apply?

The pathway begins with an APP EXP introduction which explains the two routes (written and dialogic) and helps you decide which route and category of Fellowship is most appropriate to your experience, context and individual preferences. The workshop will also include an opportunity to start engaging with the UKPSF. Attendance at the introductory session will enable you to register on the pathway.

Please be aware that those embarking on APP EXP will need to have a minimum of 6 months remaining on their employment contracts with the University of Warwick from the date of the introductory session they attend. Doctoral researchers may wish to consider applying for HEA recognition through APP PGRLink opens in a new window.

Following registration you will work independently, supported by your mentor with whom you will meet at least twice, compiling the required documentation and evidence.

You might also choose to attend CPD workshops offered by the Academic Development Centre (ADC) or the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA). We would strongly recommend that you also attend one of the APP EXP writing and dialogue preparation retreats to enable you to work on your applications with support from a tutor or peer. .

Once completed you can upload your application on the APP EXP Moodle area and an assessment panel will be arranged by ADC.