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Application Criteria

You are eligible to apply for APP PGR if you:

  • Are currently completing a PhD at Warwick, you are an early careers researcher or a postdoctoral research colleague - you must have teaching in these roles. As the pathway is primarily designed for PhD candidates, these students will have priority. It is not recommended for students nearing submission of thesis or viva.
  • Have 15 hours or more of teaching activities which is current (this includes direct delivery, tutorials and support, assessment of student work etc). This is an agreement with Advance HE, the accrediting body.
  • Are teaching at higher education 'level' (e.g. level 4-7) - this does not all have to be at Warwick.
  • Have your supervisor's permission to undertake the course, alongside your research commitments.
  • Have a mentor to support you in the department (this should be a more experienced colleague who teaches).
  • Have the time to commit to a six month programme of study. And the interest in developing your teaching!

The global pandemic has presented challenges with, for example, teaching hours. You may also teach across different institutions. There is some flexibility in light of the current situation but it is important to have current teaching to reflect on during the course (e.g. within the last/forthcoming year). To discuss whether your teaching and experience fits with the requirements of APP PGR, please contact the course leader at: 

Not sure if APP PGR is the right course for you? Would you like to discuss your individual circumstances?

Email Sara at