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Course tasks

Coursework tasks: reflective practice, teaching observations and the final Narrative of Professional Practice

In addition to attendance at the core and free choice workshops, participants need to complete three additional tasks, to enable them to successfully achieve Associate Fellowship status:

Teaching observations (as observer and observee)

One of the best ways to learn and develop teaching practice is through observations. Participants will complete two teaching observations: one of an experienced mentor/colleague and one where they themselves are observed. Observations are an hour in length and represent an opportunity for useful, developmental feedback. .

Reflective Practice in relation to the course and the UKPSF

This is a ubiquitous theme in teacher education. It is an important aspect of self-assessment and development, and those teachers who successfully reflect on their work are more likely to be transformative in their practice and personal perspectives. An ongoing reflective journal is part of the course formative assessment. This includes reflections on workshop sessions, what was learned and what you can take forward into practice, teaching incidents and a self-assessment against the UKPSF criteria for those of Associate Fellowship level.

Reflective practice is a key course theme and will be discussed at the first core workshop of the course, to support participants to understand this concept as well as see what it might look like in practice. As part of this reflective practice exploration, participants will prepare a Teaching Philosophy statement about the way they perceive themselves as a teacher. Once again, this will be closely related to the criteria of the UKPSF. It is hoped that by the end of the APP PGR, participants will be more confident reflectors and be able to use this skill in their ongoing teaching career.

Narrative of Professional Practice (1400 words)

Participants will complete the course by writing a summative piece which reflects on two areas of activity (e.g. A1 and A3) from the UKPSF framework. Course tutors and departmental mentors will support participants to choose the areas of activity most appropriate to their teaching and learning context, and where they are likely to be able to evidence the most engagement with the framework. This is a personal, critical and evaluative account and its focus should be on the participants’ own professional practice and decision making, drawing together reflections and experiences from teaching and learning practice over the duration of the APP PGR course, in relation to the available literature (see indicative bibliography, page 21). Whilst focusing on two areas of activity in the UKPSF, this piece should also refer to core knowledge and professional values and participants will be encouraged to indicate the relationship to professional standards directly. Further information about the type of information to include in the assessed piece can be found in the AFHEA guidance notes p.4-8.