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CMALT Support

The Academic Development Centre and Academic Technology have joined forces to offer a support scheme for colleagues who are interested in pursuing Certified Membership of the Association of Learning Technology (CMALT).


CMALT is a national peer-based professional accreditation scheme developed by ALT to enable people whose work involves learning technology to have their experience and capabilities certified by peers and demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development.

There are no future CMALT cohorts planned.

The Warwick CMALT support pathway is open to all staff at Warwick who work with learning technology. Typically CMALT candiates hold a large range of different roles and the scheme is sufficiently flexible to be relevant and rewarding for individuals and groups from across the university.

Please note that this is an external qualification and we are offering support and guidance to help you develop your portfolio. If you are interested in pursuing this pathway you will need to register with us and then with ALT. There is a fee from ALT that is currently approx. £165.

You will need to develop an e-portfolio that includes evidence and reflections. The portfolio will cover the following sections:

Core area 1: Operational issues
Core area 2: Teaching, learning and/or assessment processes
Core area 3: The wider context
Core area 4: Communication
Specialist option(s)
Future plans
Confirmation (and suggested assessor – optional)

Further details can be found on the CMALT Pathway Moodle and on the ALT website.

If you are interested in pursuing CMALT and would like to participate in the Warwick pathway you will need to register your intention via our online form.

The information session provides a brief overview of what support is available from Warwick and an initial introduction to what CMALT is all about and why you may want to pursue it. You are then invited to come along to various support sessions and workshops designed to help support and guide you through the process of developing your portfolio.

Support includes the following:

Writing Workshop - Face to face workshop that considers the areas for the portfolio in detail and get guidance on reflective writing.
Learning Sets - Short informal sessions either face to face or online where you can share your progress, get advice, peer support and ask questions.
Writing Retreat - One day face to face event - protected time to work on your portfolio, ask questions and get some feedback.

There are further resources available online from ALT that will also be of relevance.

CMALT registration remains valid for 2 years, or the next available submission deadline after 2 years.

There are three submission deadlines throughout the year. You may submit your portfolio by:

  • 31 January for assessment during February, March and April and assessment result in May
  • 31 May for assessment during June, July and August and assessment result in September
  • 30 September for assessment during October, November and December and assessment result in January.

If you are interested in pursuing the Warwick pathway to CMALT you can register here and utilise the resources on the CMALT moodle. Please note that this is an external qualification and we are providing a scheme to support and encourage participants development of their portfolios. You will be required to register with ALT - there is a fee for registration and this is currently approximately £165.

The latest workshop availability and booking forms will be published on the LDC pages and course Moodle.