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Customisable Digital Language Learning Exercises


In several of her beginner-level language modules, Carmela Faraone creates short and customisable language learning exercises on dedicated websites that she later invites her students to complete as a form of ungraded assignment. By relying on a large set of customisable tools provided on such websites (among them Wordwall, LearningApps, BookWidgets, Moodle Forum), Carmela Faraone creates tasks that are tailored to her learning groups' personal needs and that help her keep the students engaged and active during, or in between, classes.


Carmela Esposito Faraone, SMLC

A photograph of Carmela Faraone

Lesson plan

  1. The tutor can select from a number of different exercise-designing platforms to develop their customised assignments. Several websites have a searchable database of community-developed, ready-made exercises in foreign languages; still others allow for many parameters of customisation.
  2. The students can be directed to such exercises using direct links posted either on Moodle pages, or printed out as QR-codes. Depending on the nature and length of an exercise, the tutor may choose to invite their students to complete it in class or at home.

Tutor's observations

In their feedback, the students say that [these exercises] are what they love the most.

With foreign languages, especially at ... the lower levels, you have to have more small activities, because otherwise it becomes too heavy for the students. They have to have a little bit of listening, a little bit of writing, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

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