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Online Activities

There are six structured online activities which explore key issues relevant to the use of technology in Higher Education. You are required to contribute to six online activities as part of the course: activities 1 and 2 are introductory activities and activities 3-6 form part of the assessed portfolio.

These activities take place in Moodle and require participants to contribute ideas to discussion forums and share work via the ‘workshop’ activity, although Before each activity you will be given clear guidance about the location of the activity and details of the length and nature of contributions that are expected. Throughout these activities, you will be expected to share your own ideas, engaging critically with evidence from the literature to support these and respond to fellow course participants.

  • Online activity 1 – Introductions (not assessed)
  • Online activity 2 - What’s inspired you? Show and tell (formative)
  • Online activity 3 – Designing a learning activity (A1, A4, K1, K2, K4, V2, V3)
  • Online activity 4 – Exploring the use of technology enhanced learning (A5, K1, K2, K4, V3)
  • Online activity 5 - Planning for evaluation (A4, A5, K2, K4, K5, V1, V3)
  • Online activity 6 – Planning for dissemination (A1, A4, K1, K4, V1, V3, V4)