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The Postgraduate Award in Technology Enhanced Learnng (PGA TEL D1) leading to 20 CATS and AFHEA is designed to be completed in 6 months.

The Postgraduate Award in Technology Enhanced Learning - Theory and Application (PGA TEL D2) leading to 30 CATS and FHEA is designed to be completed in 8 months.




The programme is comprised of a series of:

  • online content – introducing the core concepts and underpinning pedagogical theory, as well as providing the opportunity to engage with a range of tools and technologies and discuss these face-to-face and online;
  • workshops - (currently online) These sessions provide an opportunity to discuss key themes arising from the core content, develop projects and share experiences.
  • structured online activities - designed to encourage reflection at key stages of project design and implementation these will give participants the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow participants as well as developing critical reflections on approaches adopted from both teacher and learner perspectives. There will also be the opportunity to engage with a variety of different online tools and consider how they could be used in teaching and learning and share experiences in an online space.
  • action learning sets - working with colleagues focusing on peer support around the development of your project.

This course begins with a series of online resources where we explore pedgagogy, learning design and begin planning the design of a project. There will then be a series of online activities, action learning sets and webinars designed to support the development of your project and providing opportunities to explore ideas together. A key part of the course is working together to share and explore different ideas and approaches, and supporting each other through discussion and debate through face-to-face discussions and online debates that take place as part of these workshops.

The course also includes project development days and writing retreats designed to support you through the development of your assessed pieces of work.

Assessment will be carried out through a short presentation, reflective account and if you are pursuing the D2 pathway an additional case study. In addition you will need to submit some supporting documentation as required as part of the HEA recognition process - these include a teaching observation linked to your project and/or a supporting statement to endorse your project and practice. Further details of the assessment and supporting documentation will be made clear on the Moodle and in workshops.




Introduction sessions will take place early in the Autumn where you can find out more about the course. Details will be available here shortly but in the meantime you can contact pgatel@warwick for any further information or to register your interest.

Once you have attended the introduction session you will be invited to apply - the course lead will review each participant's application and if you are elgible will conact you when a place is available on the programme.

The latest workshop availability and booking forms will be published on the course Moodle.


APP TEL is open to all staff at the University of Warwick who have a role in teaching, development or learning support. There are two routes through the PGA - the PGA TEL (linked to descriptor 1 and therefore leading to Associate Fellowship - AFHEA) and PGA TEL Theory and Application (linked to descriptor 2 - leading to Fellowship FHEA). Further information about these two routes will be provided at the introduction session or you can discuss your options with the course lead -

Please note: as the programme is project based, participants will need to have the opportunity to develop a technology enhanced learning project. If you are unsure that your role offers this potential, please contact us to discuss your situation.