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TEL short courses content



In addition to the three workshops offered by LDC there are a variety of workshops and online courses offered by the Academic Technology team around the use of the Warwick toolset, including Moodle and MyPortfolio.

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This workshop builds on the introduction to Technology Enhanced Learning to support you to consider learner motivation and how to design effective online learning activities.
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Students make use of a variety of digital resources to support their learning, ranging from electronic journal articles, to entries on Wikipedia and videos on YouTube or iTunesU. In this session we explore what is understood by the term 'digital literacy and its implcations for teaching and learning.

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This session explores the potential for games in teaching and learning in higher education.
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This session will support you to consider how you might use technology effectively to support teaching and learning and introduces you to the core Warwick toolset. After following the link click on the following image to start the Introduction to Technology Enhanced Learning Workshop. Take me to moodle.