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Role of the Personal Tutor

Mandatory course introducing new academics to the responsibilities of being a personal tutor.

Who is it for?

Academic staff who will undertake the role of a personal tutor. The workshop is mandatory for academic staff on probation.

Session Objectives

The Personal Tutor system at the University of Warwick is a vital and central part of campus life. Personal Tutors are expected to provide such individual support, advice and guidance to students as may be necessary or appropriate to enable them to gain the most from their studies at the University. In this session you will be able to reflect on the various aspects of the role of personal tutor. We will also consider university expectations of the role, issues such as confidentiality and boundary setting and how to deal with possible problem areas. By the end of the session you will : have gained a greater understanding of the role and responsibilities of a personal tutor understand how to set boundaries and when to refer students to other support that is available in the university.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Before attending the workshop it would be useful if you could visit the following web page which outlines the Personal Tutor system at Warwick and includes information on the functions of the personal tutor, common problems encountered, where to find additional support and good practice in tutoring:

Please Be Aware: Individual provision of these courses will ending by the end of this academic year as they will be amalgamated into the Mandatory Residential part of the APP:TE. If you are not already part of this course, and are only required to attend the individual course as part of your probabtionary requirements you may be asked to join the Residential course for the individual part of the session which covers this course.

This Stand-alone workshop has now been discontinued, and has been amalgamated into the APP:TE's Residential course. If you are not already part of this course, and are only required to attend the individual course as part of your probationary requirements please can you email appte at warwick dot ac dot uk directly for information on when these sessions are available.