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Strategic, Meaningful and Effective Assessment and Feedback Strategies

An interactive, fast-paced workshop examining SME Assessment & Feedback strategies.

In recent years, research has confirmed what most of us have known all along: students rely on feedback to adjust and improve their performance. However, not all researchers agree on the necessity to assess students in order to measure their progress. In fact, a number of serious experiments were conducted to test the extent to which assessment (formative and summative) is desirable / necessary. Regardless of the researchers’ position towards assessment, their findings suggested that a) feedback is more beneficial to learning than assessment; and b) that feedback should not always be tied to assessment. Feedback should exist as part of a learning culture rather than an assessment strategy.

In this workshop we examine some of the assumptions attached to assessment and feedback and we attempt to find useful, practical ways in which to make our teaching more Strategic, Meaningful and Effective.

This workshop will offer you opportunities to:

  • consider your department’s assessment & feedback strategy
  • consider your own assessment strategy & feedback strategy
  • define the role that assessment & feedback play in your overall teaching strategy
  • ask critical questions about the extent to which your approach provides Strategic, Meaningful and Effective learning
  • practice ways in which your current methods for assessing and offering feedback can be made more SME


Date Time Venue  

Monday 3rd November 2014

Friday 15th May 2015 - CANCELLED



Teaching Grid

Teaching Grid

Workshop Facilitated by:

Professor Cathia Jenainati, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies


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