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Teaching Ethics: theory and practice

Many students at Warwick will go on to work in fields where they make complex, high-stakes decisions on a regular basis. How should we, as HE practitioners, address this aspect of our students' post-university lives?

This workshop concerns relationships between theoretical and practical reasoning:

What can we do to support our students in developing good ethical and professional judgement?

Should courses on ethics aim to change students' thoughts and actions? What ethical responsibilities does an HE practitioner have in that regard?

What is the role of the imagination in good decision making?

Is an understanding of ethical theory necessary for, or even conducive to, good decision making?

This workshop will include contributions from academics who are able to speak from personal experience of teaching to support good ethical and professional decision-making; but from quite different perspectives and disciplines. The workshop will involve a substantial element of discussion.

Important: the details below are provisional and subject to change. If you register to attend now, you will be informed of any changes via email.

Date: 25th June 2019

Time: 1-3pm

Venue: R1.04

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