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PGA Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Course introduction

For students who successfully complete the APP PGR there is the opportunity to take their work further by extending their e-portfolio evidence to gain a 30 credit award. The Postgraduate Award in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education takes the evidence a student has collated through the APP PGR course and builds on this, enabling the participant to demonstrate a deeper engagement with core elements in teaching and learning in Higher Education.

Information sessions

Find out more about the programme at one of our information sessions:

Wednesday 21st September, 10-11am

Course overview

The PGA TLHE is a six month programme (with a 12 month registration period for completion). Like APP PGR, participants will draw upon their own teaching practice to complete the assessed work, and in relation to the pedagogic literature. The programme has no formal 'taught' component, encouraging participants instead to pursue areas of interest relevant to their work around six broad programme themes (see below). Participants are supported in this self-directed study by the course tutor and collaborative opportunities with other students on the programme such as PGR Pedagogical Journal Club and PGR Get on and Write sessions, as well as one-to-one tutorials.

Summative assessment on the course comprises a 3000 word narrative, discussing three of the course themes.

Click on the link below to see the full module information in the Warwick catalogue:

For full module information on the PGA TLHE, click here.

Who should do the PGA TLHE?

Anyone who has completed the APP PGR pathway is eligible to go on to the PGA TLHE. However, PGRs with less than 6 months left on their PhD programme would not necessarily be recommended to pursue this course, due to research and writing commitments. Prospective participants should discuss how they propose to balance completion of the PGA TLHE alongside other commitments with the course leader.

Applying for the course

The PGA TLHE is managed through Warwick's central admissions system. Following attendance at the introduction session, the course team will contact you to see if you wish to apply. You will then be forwarded the relevant application information.

Autumn Term cohort:
10th October 2022

Summer Term cohort:
May 2023

Teaching Observation

Following on from the APP PGR authentication of practice/observation, this is deeper reflection on the observation process and what was learned, drawing on departmental observations and/or peer dialogue and focusing on key areas of strength and observed issues. The process of observation can be analysed.

Feedback from students

An opportunity to gather and analyse data from students about your practice and/or their attainment, with a view to improvement or development. A discussion about what can meaningfully be learned from the feedback and what has changed as a result of the feedback and/or what you would look to do in practice.

Feedback to students

An opportunity to show evidence of good practice in assessment and feedback to students, written or otherwise, with an indication of how their learning is supported and progressed. The role you played in the assessment process how you did it, within and commenting on module/departmental processes.

Resource design

A chance to create, showcase and critique an original or adapted resource, teaching material or activity including ways in which it demonstrates inclusivity. This should include peer review. Focusing on one or more specific resources which are used for teaching: disciplinary relevance should be clear.

Technology intervention

A specific classroom or online approach in relation to a specific course purpose and learning outcome. This will include a critical evaluation of the issues and opportunities presented by this technology. The commentary should be evaluative, considering the relevance and effectiveness of this technology.

Session planning

A session plan with accompanying commentary about the planning process, decisions made, resources and planned learning and accounting for individual needs. A commentary discussing the planning process and offering a justification of the decisions made.