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Research Supervision Forum

Scheduled Events

There will be one Forum meeting per term; details to follow.

Roughly speaking, the plan is for each forum meeting to comprise a focal point such as a guest speaker; some awareness-raising regarding support and resources available to research supervisors; and ample opportunity to share experiences, challenges, ideas, hopes and fears with other supervisors.

Suggestions and Feedback

The future direction of the Research Supervision Forum is in your hands!

Suggestions Box

Do you have a burning question relating to research supervision? Is there a topic you would like to discuss at a forum or have a workshop session on? Post your comments in the suggestions box!

Feedback Forms

If you have attended a forum event, please enter your feedback using the forms below. (Feedback on related workshops in the Academic Development Programme is collected via the ADP pages.)

23rd October - Inaugural Forum Event

Academic Development Programme

The Academic Development Programme is a series of workshops focused on issues in teaching and learning, for staff at every stage of their career. As the Research Supervision Forum matures, workshops will be planned to respond to needs and areas for development identified by supervisors participating in the forum. Currently, there are workshops on giving feedback, teaching philosophies, module design, and more.

Image of Charon and Psyche, by John Rodham Spencer Stanhope. The image has been flipped horizontally, to place Psyche on the left and Charon on the right.

"[O]ur data suggests that supervisors should be revitalized as central ‘ferrymen’ (like Charon in Greek mythology), going into the zones, where students get lost.... Supervisors actually do have the powers to go into that spot of intellectual crisis, to dwell there with the students in order to understand... that darkness, and then to help students towards a new version of the world, and the self, through knowledge creation efforts."

(Bengtsen and Wisker 2018)