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Institutional Change

The TELRI Project has undertaken transferability work funded by the HEFCE comprising a formal, targeted and evidenced approach to transferring our approaches at the institutional level and facilitating the process of embedding innovation from development work.

It is well recognised that project-assisted implementation need to be sustainable and that, as a whole, project innovation should bring about improvements in institutional practice and inform national policy. Institutions vary immensely in their structures and working practices and have a substantial effect on the likelihood of innovations being taken up elsewhere. A fruitful area to explore in terms of transferability, therefore, is the institutional context within which projects seek to integrate teaching development into core academic business. The depth of analysis required of such operational environments is generally beyond the scope of individual funded projects.

Preceding this, a projects review was undertaken funded by the LTSN Generic Centre that reviewed and analysed the outcomes of several national, generic projects (TLTP3, FDTL & ScotCIT) with experience in working with institutional strategies and identified lessons learned. The transferability project is utilising the evaluation framework as a basis for the specific work proposed in the eight participating HE institutions. This provides a broad basis from which to explore the transferability of project approaches and inform the development of institutional plans and strategies for embedding innovative outcomes from national projects.

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