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Current Funded Projects

The Learning and Development Centre is currently involved with a number of internally and externally funded academic development projects. 

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Entering a Community of Practice

As UK higher education becomes more global, an increasing number of international students are coming to the UK to study for a Ph.D. International students bring with them a diverse range of expectations and educational experiences, enhancing and enriching the academic culture in which they study.

This research project aims to investigate the perspectives and experiences of international postgraduate research students as they become acculturated into UK academic practice. Through undertaking this study we hope to increase the understanding of the support needed by these students as they enter a new academic culture.


Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) 

Oxford University 

LDC, University of Warwick

Centre for Educational Development, Imperial College London 


 Jan 07 -
May 08
Michaela Borg
Students' Blending Learning User Patterns (BLUPs)

BLUPs is a 2 year project to examine the ways in which new undergraduate students blend the modes of learning available to them, both from the personal domain and the institutional domain. This information will then be used to inform institutions and staff about how best to draw on these approaches to support their teaching and the students’ learning.

 JISC   University of Northumbria   Mar07 -Feb 08 Mark Childs
Managing Research Projects

The project aims to bring together groups of researchers with similar experiences and issues to jointly develop better ways of establishing and maintaining effective collaborative working relations in research project teams.

 ESRC Research Support Services, Institute of Employment Research,CEDAR Jan 06-Dec 08 Marie Garnett 


An EU funded consortium exploring European standards and frameworks to support the development of professsional educator skills for new lecturers (initial entry) and those already in post (CPD).

EU Socrates Network Other European HE Institutions
Jan 06 -
Dec 08
Graham Lewis