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Resource Exchange and Support for Users of Learning Technologies RESULTS

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Developing a professional development model and physical web-based portal site for sharing and discussing resources and practice within the national learning technology community

Results homepageThe overall aim has been to assist in integrating the growing array of groups and projects across the HE sector producing information and materials for supporting academic development in the use of ICT in learning and teaching. The project has produced a learning technology portal that demonstrates several online approaches to linking resources to practice through the integration of networking opportunities to discuss teaching approaches, share experiences and exchange materials. There are obvious parallels to designing online support for student learning in the ways in which resources and discussions can be interwoven to produce communities of practice based around particular topics or issues.

RESULTs is a dynamic portal in that it provides multiple views to multiple types of resources for multiple types of users and aspects of practice organised across three closely integrated areas: RESOURCES, MyRESULTs and COMMUNITIES.

Research publications from this work include:

Dempster, J.A., Beetham, H., Jackson, P. & Richardson, S. (2003) Creating Virtual Communities of Practice in Learning Technology: Issues, Challenges and Experiences, ALT-Journal, 11 (3), pp. 103-117.

Richardson, S., Childs, M. & Dempster, J.A. (2004) Developing interoperable taxonomy systems for sharing resources within multidisciplinary communities of practice, International Journal of Interactive Technology and Smart Education, 1(1), 5-13.