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Supporting Lecturers' Innovation in Curriculum Enhancement

Warwick gets SLICE-ing!

SLICE is Supporting Lecturers' Innovation in Curriculum Enhancement, an initiative led by CAPD funded under the Education Innovation Fund to support the planning and integration of purposeful innovation to enhance aspects of teaching and learning, to facilitate peer support and to foster active communities of practice.

Two small groups of experienced academic staff have been established, representing a range of departments across all four faculties. Their mission is to explore imaginative solutions in a particular area of academic need and to identify issues and opportunities 'beyond the normal frames of reference'.

Operating in an 'action learning' mode facilitated by a CAPD adviser, their work will help to tackle areas of departmental and/or institutional priority as well as providing staff who participate with a positive and worthwhile experience through communicating and debating the issues and their ideas with like-minded colleagues they might not usually meet in their daily work. 

The first two pilot groups will focus on Student Employability and Assessment of Learning, respectively. The project will run until the summer, after which an overall briefing paper will be produced from each of the groups. This aims to place the ideas, problems, experiences and practical solutions of "real world" challenges on the ground at Warwick against the backdrop of the wider context of HE policy, strategy and practice in research-led institutions.

For further details or to get involved, please feel free to contact Dr Jay Dempster in CAPD by telephone ext 24670 or email to




How you can get involved: 

  • Suggest a SLICE topic
  • Sign up for next group
  • Set up a departmental SLICE
  • Express interest in current SLICE projects

Email or phone tel ext 24670