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SLICE intranet

This is an area restricted to staff participating in the SLICE groups. It is intended for publishing notes from the meetings and any interim plans & reports.

(The links are to Word or PDF documents unless otherwise stated)

SLICE of Assessment group 

SLICE of Employability group 


Structure & next steps for combined Employability strategy

 Project development areas
  Notes from 3rd session 120607
 Notes from the opening meeting Notes from the opening meeting
 Participants' objectives for SLICE Participants' objectives for SLICE
 Next steps (your plans from 2nd sessions)
 Takeaways from opening meeting (link to forums thread)

Takeaways from opening meeting (link to forums thread) and some more

 view/post forum messages  view/post forum messages


Funding bids – up to £1000

Just a reminder that you can request up to £1000 to support proposals you wish to take forward from the SLICE work.

The funds remain in the EIF cost code. When you are ready to make expenditure on SLICE activity, we will alert Finance and give you the relevant cost code to use.

Here’s what to do. Send me an email to which:
  • Outlines what you intend to do to support your SLICE work, purpose and outcomes, including whether this is to research, pilot, implement, evaluate etc.,
  • specifies what you are requesting funding for, such as buying out time, buying in time/expertise, equipment, research assistance, conference attendance, and so forth.
  • indication of date you will draw the funds down (to be spent before 31st July financial year end).