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Project Outline

Project Aims and Objectives

The project aims to meet the needs of research-led institutions for an enriched and research-orientated curriculum by increasing the uptake and effective use of learning technologies in teaching programmes. Since teaching approaches in research-led institutions are strongly informed by staff research interests, teaching processes concentrate on developing students' capabilities to: 

  • be innovative, 
  • work independently, 
  • set and solve problems, 
  • analyse critically, and 
  • handle large quantities of information in a wide range of media. 

The project seeks to develop ways of using technology-based materials and teaching methods to enhance students' capabilities as researchers. These are generally the broad capabilities of graduates that higher education has sought to develop, that employers value and that are of immense benefit in lifelong learning. 

Project Outcomes

The project will: 

  • develop academic staff capabilities in the use of learning technologies and associated curriculum design and delivery 
  • identify research capability components of study programmes embed the use of TLTP and other materials in the delivery of a range of curricula in a number of research-led environments 
  • develop and test methods of developing capability through technology-enhanced learning 
  • develop frameworks for implementation and evaluation 
  • disseminate best practice to the whole sector 

The project will deliver valuable educational outcomes that are applicable across the curriculum. Specific deliverables include: 

  • principles and frameworks for good practice in implementation and approaches to evaluation of technology-assisted teaching methodologies in curricula 
  • clarification of research capabilities that may be developed through technology-enhanced learning 
  • methodology for cost-benefit analysis 
  • case studies and related teaching materials derived from activity 
  • consultancy sessions 
  • extensive web site for dissemination and publicity 
Project Details

Project Title: Technology-Enhanced Learning in Research-led Institutions (TELRI) 

Lead Institution: University of Warwick

Partners : Phase 1: Oxford University. Phase 2: Southampton, Durham, Birmingham

Project Contacts
Centre for Academic Practice  University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK.
Email: Tel: 024 7652 4698 Fax: 024 7657 2736

Project Director: Dr Paul Blackmore Tel 024 7652 4673 

Project Manager: Dr Jay Dempster - Main project contact  Tel 024 7652 4670 

Project Officers:
Dr Mick Roach - Educational technologist Tel 024 7657  2737
Mr Jim Evans- Academic Staff Developer Tel 024 7657 2874 

Type of Project: Implementation 

Total Funding: £223, 000 over three years