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Introduction to the Project

TELRI  is a collaborative project led by the University of Warwick, involving the universities of Oxford, Southampton, Durham and Birmingham. The project was funded by HEFCE under phase 3 of the Teaching and Learning Technology Programme (TLTP) and this phase of work was completed in September 2001. Continuation across 2002/03 arises through transferability development work. Through the Centre for Academic Practice at Warwick, this site will continue to provide access to our materials.

The project brought together two ideas. The first is that universities like Warwick and Oxford believe that academics' research can and should enrich their teaching. Not only are undergraduates brought into contact with the fruits of current research, they are also developing  a research-like approach to learning that helps them in their current studies and that lays a foundation for future research activity. Teaching processes therefore concentrate on developing students' capacities to be innovative, to work independently, to set and solve problems and to handle large quantities of information in a range of media.

The second belief is that the wealth of e-resources and  e-related teaching methods have the potential to develop students' research capabilities. They can do so by:

  1. developing broad capabilities, through computer-based learning packages, simulations, computer conferencing and a range of other IT applications;
  2. developing disciplinary knowledge by providing access to information (e.g. by facilitating library and other searches) and as a means of learning (e.g. through computer-assisted learning materials);
  3.  developing skills and techniques by providing a range of tools, such as data analysis software, and providing a means of learning about them (e.g. through tutorial materials).

All of the above may also be assessed through the use of information technology.

The TELRI team very much enjoyed working with departments participating in the TELRI project to develop curricula with a research-orientated approach to learning and integrating technology methods and materials that support this. 

TELRI has been a challenging venture with valuable collaborations and exciting outcomes. 

Jay Dempster, Paul Blackmore, Mick Roach, Jim Evans