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Projects Review

Exploring institutional approaches to embedding ICT in teaching and learning: A review and analysis of generic national projects

This study was undertaken between July and October 2002 funded by the LTSN Generic Centre with the aim of drawing out lessons learned from a number of national projects that future projects can utilise for work with institutions. The work reviewed and analysed the outcomes of several national projects - predominantly TLTP3, FDTL and ScotCIT - that have experiences with working with institutional strategies.

The study extracted success factors in embedding learning technologies at institutional level from the experiences of national projects and in consultation with national funding and support bodies.


Survey of issues, approaches and experiences in integrating successful outcomes from national learning technology development projects into institutional academic practices

Review report: Scoping study of HE contexts for innovation taken  from institutional experiences across a number of national projects
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Evaluation methodology: Audit tool developed from review meetings and focus groups with key project staff
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Generic model: Enhancing the successful embedding of project outcomes: A Generic model
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Consultation paper: Experiences and recommendations from representatives of national funding bodies and support organisations.
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Dr Jay Dempster, Head of Educational Technology
Centre for Academic Practice, University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
Tel: 024 76524670  Fax: 024 76572736

Project team

Jay Dempster, Peter Jackson, Mark Childs
Centre for Academic Practice, University of Warwick

Frances Deepwell
Centre for Higher Education Development, Coventry University