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What Should be Considered

A needs analysis is worth spending some time on so you go about things in a systematic manner. Evaluation should ideally be planned at the outset of any new development or modification. Your initial plan is likely to include aims, questions, tasks, stakeholders, timescales and instruments/methods. It should define “that which you are trying to investigate but also how you are going to go about it” (Crompton, 1997).

Generally speaking, the areas to consider in embedding e-learning effectively into a course include issues around:

  1. Learning- is the pedagogy appropriate?
  2. Infrastructure – will the environment support my needs?
  3. Technology – is the technology appropriate and can I/students use it?

Identifying and analysing preconceptions and assumptions prior to use can ensure potential barriers to access or effectiveness are accounted for appropriately in development design and planning

A preliminary review is likely to include:

  • Student and curriculum needs analysis tasks
  • Constraints, resources and costs
  • Identifying one’s own professional development needs
  • Identifying evaluation criteria (indicators of success)
  • Creating a statement of purpose (for the development project)

bullet  Addressing stakeholder needs