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Reviewing your Course

An initial course design review is likely to include the following questions:

  1. What is the course or module?
    Identify/clarify the aims, objectives, format, student capabilities to be developed, core content etc.
  2. What are the student group characteristics?
    Identify/clarify student numbers, backgrounds, special needs or languages, IT literacy, access to computer/network, UG/PG, level etc.
  3. What is the development project intended to achieve?
    Identify/clarify the main aims and objectives for what you wish to develop, intended benefits and outcomes, sources of background literature.
  4. What are the implications for the technologies and tools selected?
    If possible, identify existing examples of use of the technologies you are proposing to integrate, particularly those available locally, such as application type, access/availability of licences, robustness, network requirements, usability issues, any costs of developing or extending software programs.
  5. What skills do I need to develop to be an effective teacher using these tools and online environments?

bullet  References and Further Resources