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Quality Assurance/Qualtiy Enhancement Objectives

The ‘building up’ and ‘blending in’ of e-based tools and methods is a function of existing curriculum development and teacher development processes. A desirable strategy for e-learning developments is therefore one based around quality enhancement mechanisms, particularly where these exist within the University, and making best use of existing investment (in infrastructure, support, resources).

At the level of course design and review, it is valuable to make the links between intentions and choice of method and tools more explicit. The output of such a structured and open approach to decision-making would be of enormous benefit to both QE and QA processes.

Whilst recognising that there may well be unintended outcomes, emphasis might be placed on developments that:

  1. Take a systematic and reflective approach, making decisions in relation to a clear course profile and intended learning outcomes
  2. Are planned and deliberate that allow staff to cope with new demands or circumstances in their own context and that of the department
  3. Seek to enhance higher order learning elements of a course
  4. Make best use of existing tools, resources and support
  5. Integrate e-components with other (existing) teaching and learning methods into a coherent whole.