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Purpose of the Guide

This guide aims to give an overview of the many key elements and components necessary to create, develop, and implement an effective e-learning initiative.

While you may have experience in planning and managing projects while carrying out research in your discipline, you may not have employed these techniques in teaching developments. Improvements to teaching and learning are often less explicitly planned; they may be iterative and undocumented. There are also pitfalls in project planning and management that are perhaps unique to developing e-learning and may not occur to you.

This document does not attempt to cover project management as a whole, which is an extensive field in itself. It seeks to highlight issues that will help to ensure project success from the outset rather than learning through bitter experience.

The range of projects that could be described as ‘e-learning’ is wide in terms of approach, technologies and scale and some of what follows will not apply to all projects.  Nevertheless, you are urged to read the entire document as the nature of your project will very likely change and some other issues may then apply.

Defining your Project