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Ruth Ayres

Ruth AyresI have experience in evaluation from a practitioner perspective, having worked as a Senior Lecturer in Biosciences for a number of years before coming to Warwick.  In this role, I was responsible for:

  • evaluating undergraduate and postgraduate modules and degree courses in the areas of Bioscience and Health;
  • determining the extent to which science-based curricula provide the necessary practical skills for future employability and evaluating the effectiveness of different types of practical activities in providing students with appropriate practical skills;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of different methods for collecting student feedback;

I also have experience in reviewing programmes of study and identifying the extent to which they meet the accessibility and inclusivity agendas.

Since coming to Warwick last year, I have been involved in various projects both internally and externally

Evaluation Experience


Evaluated the existing supervisory framework for students who undertake research projects as part of their taught Masters courses in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies and worked with staff from the department to develop an improved framework which I will be helping them to evaluate later in 2005.
Where: Warwick


Conducted a comparative evaluative study on the organisation and marking of group work in different faculties across the University for the Board of Undergraduate Studies.  A report summarising this work will be published shortly.
Where: Warwick


Developed and ran a series of focus groups with Contract Research Staff from across the University to determine their skills training needs and priorities.  The evaluation of these findings was used to inform the development of the University's Skills Training Programme.
Methods: Focus Groups
Where: Warwick


Evaluated the training needs of staff from Warwick HRI.
Methods: Questionnaire and a series of interviews.
Where: Warwick

Evaluation of Academic Guidance

Evaluation of Academic Guidance, Faculty of Humanities, De Montfort University, Leicester.
Where: External


Contact Ruth

t: 024 7657 4121