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Bob Thomson

Bob ThomsonIn my previous career as a management development professional in industry, I regularly carried out evaluation of the effectiveness of management development programmes and workshops.

My preference is generally to let some time elapse – typically six months or so - before asking participants about their experience.  I usually ask questions in three areas:

  • How well the programme met its objectives
  • What have participants found useful in practice
  • How we might improve the programme

I ask a mix of closed questions, which generate simple statistics that enable some comparison across programmes, and open questions which generate subjective, qualitative responses.

I am also interested in using in depth interviews to inquire into people’s experience at work.

Evaluation Experience


Transco Advanced Management Programme

A combination of an e-mail survey of participants and face to face interviews with company executives established what had been the most useful elements of this twelve month development programme and how it needed to evolve as the company’s business situation changed.


Transco Leadership Development Programme

This twelve month programme closed with a one to one conversation with each participant which not only evaluated the programme but also helped each individual to reflect on their key learning and on their priorities for personal development beyond the programme.

Contact Bob

t: 024 7657 5762