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Evaluate Students' Experience

You might want to research your students' learning experience
  • To integrate research more closely into undergraduate learning
  • To evaluate new learning media, in particular e-learning and blended learning
  • Because quality assurance procedures require it
  • Because it interests you
  • Because you think students could learn more effectively in a different way

Methods and Tools

  • Student Feedback: When using student feedback to evaluate their overall learning experience it is important to be clear what kind of information you want and therefore how you elicit it.
  • Action Research: Action Research (AR). AR is rigorous educational or sociological research. It usually yields information specific to given contexts or people and is useful for continuing professional, teaching or curriculum development.
  • Focus Groups: These are an effective way of establishing valid and eliable qualitative data in respect of groups, if conducted rigourously.
  • Benchmarking: These pages show an approach to benchmarking: a way of improving practice through critical comparison with good practice norms.
  • Surveys: These pages show a variety of ways of implementing and provide links relating to the effective use of student surveys to chararcterise and to shape the student experience
The Students