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Evaluate Your Department

You may wish to review how effectively your Department is operating and make plans to enhance its effectiveness.  We can offer you coaching and consultancy support to help you to:
  • Plan strategically for the future of the department
  • Redistribute managerial roles and responsibilities
  • Work together more collaboratively
  • Develop the capability of people in the department
  • Review and improve the department’s financial position
  • Rearrange administrative procedures and responsibilities
  • Communicate more effectively, both inside and outside the department

Here are some examples of how we have helped departments to review and enhance their effectiveness.

  • Using 360 degree feedback and one to one coaching to help members of a management team to review their strengths, weaknesses and development plans, and to enable the team to plan for future succession
  • Running a workshop to help a department to analyse the external environment and create a strategic plan to exploit a new area of work
  • Facilitating a workshop for two departments from different organisations who were in a joint venture and who needed to accommodate each other’s ways of working
  • Creating a personal development portfolio for a team leader and a series of workshops to build relationships in his newly formed management team
Bob Thomson about Evaluating your Department