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The design and use of surveys and questionnaires is a topic likely to be found in any standard book on research methods or in general evaluation resources. Here are a handful of online links specifically for good practice methods for these techniques but you are advised to read more widely.


Small scale evaluation: Principles and Practice by Colin Robson, Sage Publications: London. (2000), pp. 83-87

Evaluating a Course: Practical Strategies for Teachers, Lecturers and Trainers, Kogan Page: London (1995), pp. 27, 31-33.

Web resources

Evaluation: A practical guide to methods by Phillip Compton. In LTDI publication, Implementing IT: pp. 3-4 Questionnaires.

Research methods for Health Sciences – excellent as a general guide with hyperlinks between methods such as surveys (see link below) and other evaluation methods and terminology (e.g. reliability, validity).

Czaja, R. & Blair, J.(1995) Selecting the Method of Data Collection. In: Designing Surveys. London: Sage. Pgs, 31-49.

Social Research Updates a series of short briefings on specific aspects of evaluation, those relevant to surveys:

A Methodological Framework for Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Survey Methods a research article, quite detailed, PDF format.

LTDI Evaluation Cookbook - practical and short guides on a variety of evaluation techniques - those relevant to surveys are: