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Introducing Text-Based Computer Conferencing with and Accredited Academic Development Programme

Adrian Stokes, Centre for Academic Practice

Editors Note

A challenge often faced by staff involved in e-learning is the creation of a supportive community of similar individuals who can share experiences and learn from each other – despite being from a range of subject backgrounds with varying levels of IT skills. This paper provides one possible strategy to managing this problem. The article describes an approach to setting up a computer conferencing system on an accredited course in teaching and learning for academic staff at Warwick University. This is not a technical article – instead it focuses on the management of introducing such technology i.e. engaging the users, socialising them into the system and the role of the tutor in this process. It is likely to be of particular interest to individuals in the process of setting up a similar system because the author talks through the process in a step-by-step and pragmatic way.

First appeared in Interactions Issue 12 Autumn 2000