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'E' is for Exploration

Robin Green & Subject Support Team, Library

Editors Note
A group of library staff from subject support teams worked together on this paper to outline the technological developments taking place in various sections of the library. These developments seemed to fall into two main categories - the first being online training materials to help students use the available technology, and the second being resources enabling users to search and locate relevant information easily both on and off campus. These advances allowed students to work at their own pace at whatever time and location they chose – accommodating the diversity and varying needs of the student population. The developments via the subject librarians provided tailored discipline-based support to both staff and students – helping them to retrieve the information they need from the vast array of resources available. Bridging the gap between departments and the library in this way creates a more connected collaborative ethos in the institution.

It is interesting for readers to reflect on the progress that has been made since this paper was first published in 2003. Technological developments in the library have been ongoing and reviewing these provides a useful point of reference for how far we’ve come in terms of e-learning advancements.

First appeared in Interactions Issue 19 Spring 2003