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Providing Integrated & Tailored E-Learning Services

Robert O'Toole, Elab, IT Services

Editors Note
In 2001, the University set out its e-strategy, out of which emerged a strategy for e-learning. The proposal was to use information and communication technologies to “extend our repertoire of teaching approaches and the effectiveness and efficiency with which we interact with, and provide for, our students.” It was envisaged that given a robust and fast network, an appropriately easy to use and flexible set of tools, and a team of faculty-based advisers to work with course developers at the grass roots, the use of “e-learning” would grow rapidly to become an essential part of the University’s provisions for learning and teaching. To support this aim, a specialised development unit, E-lab, was established with a remit to develop and support a set of new web tools that all members of the University can make use of without requiring deep technical skills.

This article, written by one of the aforementioned advisers, outlines a “four-track strategy” of the approaches taken towards delivering on the University’s e-learning strategy. There follows a worked example of how this implemented to support an expansion the Warwick Skills Certificate programme.

First appeared in Interactions Issue 19 Spring 2003