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SMS Based Student Feedback, Voting and Notification Systems

Daciana Illiescu and Evor Hines, School of Engineering

Editors Note

The use of electronic voting systems in teaching and learning is far from an embedded utility in classroom teaching. Yet, where it is used, it offers a powerful means through individual responses to questionnaires to (re)introduce interaction and feedback mechanisms between the lecturer and students.

This article outlines ways in which such technologies can help address the pedagogical challenges that teaching ‘large’ groups can pose. This might include diminishing interaction between lecturer and students in a lecture setting, the lack of students’ participation, especially in large classes, the delay between assessment delivery and feedback. The article briefly describes the system developed in the School of Engineering (WMS) and provides a critical account of the services this offers to lectures, for example, student online testing, reply and feedback for tests, and formal and informal voting.

First appeared in Interactions Issue 25 Spring 2005