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Assessing Online Collaborative Activity on the Warwick MBA by Distance Learning

Stuart Sutherland, Warwick Business School

Editors Note

Stuart Sutherland of the Warwick Business School provides an insight into assessing online collaboration on a distance learning MBA.

As in David Overton's article (see chapter 5), this deals with mixed international teams of learners separated by physical and cultural distance.

The course promotes active learning through online team working. The teams generate group reports and there is then the question of how to allocate marks for individual contribution to the group or, put another way, designing a assessment criteria to promote group working, shared learning and mutual trust.

Online group working has the advantage that (presumably) all interactions are captured but the tutors still have to distinguish between the process and product of the group, recognising the contribution made by individual members of a group but also the performance of each as a member of the group and distributing of marks accordingly.

First appeared in Interactions Issue 20 Summer 2003